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Personal Life

Bryan Miller was raised in Shelton, Connecticut and attended Shelton High School, graduating in 2007. Growing up, he enjoyed a wide range of activities from sports, video games, poker, hanging out at the beach, and going out with friends. From a sports only perspective, he grew up playing baseball most of his life until reaching high school and changing his focus to indoor volleyball.

Bryan continued his passion for volleyball at the coaching level upon graduating high school. Initially coaching with the club team he played for in Connecticut, he now coaches volleyball at a local travel team (Diablo Valley Volleyball Club) for both boys and girls programs at the high school level in the area where he lives.

Bryan met his wife in February 2010 online. After meeting in person in August the same year, he moved out to California in the Bay Area in early 2011. Bryan married his wife Erinn at a reception in Lafayette, California surrounded by close family and friends in 2013. He and his wife currently live in Pittsburg, California after purchasing a home in 2015. Bryan continues to enjoy playing and watching sports (as an avid fan of the New York Mets, Jacksonville Jaguars, and UConn Huskies), relaxing with his pet dog Wally and cat Josie, playing video games on Xbox, and binge watching TV shows with his wife.

Professional Experience

Bryan Miller always had a passion for computers at a young age. He began his experience with computers at a more technical level while in high school, building his first at the age of 16. He knew it was something that would always interest and challenge him, even if it was not something he pursued professionally. "Messing around" with computers turned into a regular hobby ranging from PC hardware, basic scripting, to website design and hosting. He created a fan website for another hobby of his, playing Dance Dance Revolution, that was popular among the niche community of players.

Bryan began his college education pursuing a degree in mathematics to become a high school teacher. While studying, he was always the "go-to" guy within the dorms for technical questions early on. At this point, he decided to change his focus from mathematics to information systems. He took classes from Network Administration, Visual Basic Programming, HTML Web Design, Photoshop and Flash Animation, and others within the scope of Information Technology. In December 2011, he graduated with a degree in Information Systems from Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Bryan has deisgned professional websites for two companies in his spare time

  1. Diablo Valley Volleyball Club (completed in 2015 using Wordpress)
  2. Green Lane Tree Services (completed in 2016 using Wordpress)
  3. Bryan Miller's Professional Website (completed 2016 using HTML5 and CSS3).

For more information on his professional experience, please navigate to Bryan's resume.